Construction special report: New life for old buildings

The buildings tell a story about our past … and our future.

By Richard Cerilli for Pittsburgh Business Times

July 10, 2019

Pittsburgh –  

The buildings tell a story about our past … and our future.

Pittsburgh’s legacy as an economic powerhouse is all around us, as is made clear by a walk down just about any city street. There are restoration projects of buildings that served as produce terminals along the railroad, long-closed iconic department stores, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, even libraries and police departments.

Residents, preservationists and city officials have long fought to maintain many of these buildings as historical treasures, and today that effort is being supported by developers, architects, construction companies and potential tenants who are attracted to the ambiance and perspective the renovations provide employees working there.

Much of the renovation of historical buildings in our region is designed to develop mixed-use spaces, which includes apartments, office space, restaurants, retail, even light manufacturing, a nationwide development trend that’s especially suited to older buildings that feature amenities such as high ceilings and access to the rivers and railroads.

Click on the below link to see some of the most recent redevelopment projects in the region.

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