615 Alpha Drive

This 330,000 sq. ft. building is a mixed use office, industrial and warehouse property. Upon acquisition in 2008 from J.C. Penney the building was at 0% occupancy. However it was extremely sound structurally and located in an excellent commercial area. J. C. Penney developed and occupied the building as its sole tenant, so previously it had not been marketed to other companies. In order to add value, McKnight’s concept was to upgrade both its exterior and interior and then actively market the space as a multi-tenant building with tremendous versatility for users. A new glass curtain wall was erected surrounding the office space, which served to both bring in light as well as to improve the curb appeal. New mechanicals and interior lighting were added, and the 6 acre roof was replaced. Presently, the building is fully leased and occupied, and the surrounding market has a 0% vacancy rate.

property information

Location: 615 Alpha Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Purchased: 2008
Area: 330,725 sq. ft.
Leasing Information: McKnight Realty Partners
Lisa Tiche
(412) 281-9000

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